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Head held high and lofty ambitions. Our task is to convey great feelings and to make life more interesting. And sometimes you should laugh so hard that your back teeth show.  We raise smiles with TV and film production, real estate sales and rentals, event production and performers.

Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihhii Oy

Hämeenkatu 25-27
11100 Riihimäki


Pekka Kataja

+358 50 
50 550 7486




Our e-invoice details

Company details
Name: Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihhii Oy
Business identity code: 1727697-8
E-invoice address: 003717276978
EDI ID: 003717276978

Intermediary details
Intermediary: Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)

Invoices sent by e-mail

Mail invoice address
Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihhii Oy (Apix scanning service)
PL 16112
Your details must be written on the invoice and envelope. Other material must not be sent to this address, only invoices.

Normality is overrated

Privacy policy statement

Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihhii Oy collects personal information about the visitors to its internet pages. The collection of personal information follows the requirements of data protection legislation. We may update our privacy policy. The valid version can always be found from this page.

Data controller and contact

Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihhii Oy
Hämeenkatu 25–27
11130 Riihimäki

E-mail: sami.yli-huumo@hihhihhii.com
Tel: +358 50 542 9231

Business identity code: 1727697-8

The purpose and use of personal data

Personal data is collected, stored and handled only for predetermined uses.

1. Offering, delivery and customer administration of services
We collect, use and store customer data concerning customer administration issues. These issues include invoicing, reclamation, customer support, customer satisfaction surveys, collections and service production and delivery.

2. Marketing and communications
We also collect personal data for marketing and communication purposes, within the boundaries of data protection legislation. For this reason, personal data may be handled for targeting marketing and communications and the measurement of its effectivity and development. For example, we can target content based a person’s previous behaviour or develop our services. We may also send newsletters or undertake other direct marketing on the grounds of the person in question’s consent or legitimate interest.

3. The fulfilment of other duties
We also collect and handle your personal data for official purposes, such as for bookkeeping and other statutory duties.

4. Personnel administration
We handle our employee data and job applicant data only for personnel administration purposes.

The supply and mediation of third-party services and applications on Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihhii Oy pages are handled using the usage and other terms of the third party in question.

Where do we collect personal data?

Mostly the personal data originates from the person themselves. Personal data is mainly collected in connection with communication. Personal data is also collected when an individual orders our newsletter, makes contact through our internet pages or downloads material from our pages. We may also utilise data in the public domain to collect personal data, such as company internet pages, various registers (e.g. The Business Information System and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office) and social media.

What data do we collect and handle?

Data handling is always based on the requirements of law.

We collect data on our customers, potential customers, job applicants and employees.

We collect and handle the following data: the name of the person’s employer, the name of the contact person, work address, e-mail address, phone number, job title, marketing permissions and refusals, customer feedback data and data the individual has given themselves through contact forms, phone or e-mail. Furthermore, we collect and handle invoicing data, order data, delivery information and other contractual information. We also collect and handle data on the usage of our internet pages with the help of cookies. Besides basic information on our personnel and job applicants, we also collect information required for payroll and data required for the fulfilment of our legal obligations. Furthermore, we also collect C.V.s and work applications. With the consent of the individual we may also collect other data, but we inform about this in connection with the collection of the separate information.

Personal data administrators

Personal data is mainly handled by Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihhii Oy employees. In certain cases, personal data may be submitted to third party sub-contractors. The sub-contractors handle the personnel data according to a contract made between Hihhihhii Oy and the sub-contractor. The sub-contractors will handle the data according to this privacy policy.

Location of the personal data

Personal data is principally located and handled within the EU. However, in certain cases personal data is transferred and handled outside of the EU. These cases, for example, may be the utilisation of certain cloud services or other applications. However, in these cases Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihhii Oy takes care of personal data protection to a sufficient level and with conformity to law.

The storage of personal data

Personal data is mostly stored in electronic form, and access to it is protected according to general practice. Access protection to personal data includes user rights and passwords.

The collection of cookies                 

A cookie is a file of a web-server’s service provider that is saved onto a user’s computer. In practice a cookie is a small nameless user-specific text file, which is saved on the user’s web browser. The server can later read the cookie, and so the browser in question can be recognised (e.g. a user returning to a previously visited page). For example, we use cookie data collected by Google Analytics software. Cookies facilitate the use of pages and enable certain functionalities, such as session management, user-specific personalisation of the internet pages and easy recognition service.

We use cookies to enable and develop the functionality of our services. With the help of cookies, we can also collect data about the terminals and net browsers of visitors to our pages. The collected data can be used for analytics and marketing alignment. With the help of cookies, it is easier for the user to use our services and the presented marketing is more relevant and targeted.

You can of course block the use of cookies, which can however be a drawback, as cookies are a technical solution in the implementation of browsers’ and www-servers’ protocols, and neither do many internet pages work properly without cookies. Further information on browser specific instructions can be obtained from the browser producer. Should you desire, you can delete the cookie history from the settings of the internet browser or prevent their collection completely. In using our internet pages, you consent to data handling such as previously described. Cookie data is kept in Google Analytics for 38 months.

An individual’s rights to personal data

An individual has the right to check the data, which Tuotantoyhtiö Hihhihhii Oy has collected on the individual in question.
An individual has the right to demand the correction of data.
An individual has the right to demand the data is deleted.
An individual has the right to refuse/cancel the consent for direct marketing.
An individual has the right to refuse handling.
An individual has the right to limit the handling of personal data.
An individual has the right to transfer the data from one system to another.

You can exercise your right by sending us an e-mail to sami.yli-huumo@hihhihhii.com.
However, before carrying out the execution of your right we must confirm your identity.